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The SoloSider is a high quality tool, used to hang fiber-cement siding. It can be adjusted for different size overlaps with a simple push and twist, no screws or nuts to worry about. It will move the plank up and down in 1/16 increments without having to remove it from the hangers. It will not rip the paper or house wrap. It will not mark the siding.

Patent Number 7,213,346

1-1/4 Fixed
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For the home owner or anyone in the building or construction trades, we hope this new adjustable siding tool will be a great benefit.We think it is the only truly adjustable tool on the market.

This tool will work with 5/16 fibre cement siding and 3/8in LP Smartside and give the correct 1 in. overlap.

There is also a model for 7/16 LP Smartside siding.

We also have a model for cedar siding with a 15/16 maximum butt end.


100% Made in the U.S.A.